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At Deanalytics, we believe that the transformative power of data relies on people. We specialize in guiding those seeking mastery of their data. We work with companies firmly committed to curating their data and empowering workers. Often they are employee-owned companies, their service providers, ESOP investment banks, and TEAL organizations. Our approach is built on three foundational pillars:

  1. Commitment to Education: We don’t just deliver data solutions; we empower your team to rise to new heights of data literacy, enabling confident decision-making and a culture of continuous improvement.
  2. Partnership for Change: Our ideal clients are those ready to embark on a data-driven journey—firms that recognize there is no ‘magic bullet’ for data excellence but are eager to invest in a sustainable, long-term partnership.
  3. Right Tool for the Job: We partner with Domo, a best-in-class data platform, to centralize your operational data and enable automation, efficiencies, data curation, insight gathering, data accessibility, and, ultimately, transformation.


Beyond service, seeking wins with you

Your innovation engine

Deanalytics transcends traditional consulting; we are your partner in innovation and empowerment. Our mission is to simplify the complex, making data accessible and actionable for everyone within your organization. We don’t just analyze data; we illuminate it, guiding you to leverage information as a tool for insightful decision-making and strategic growth.


For your business, for your employees

Modernizing apprenticeship

Our vision at Deanalytics is to cultivate an environment where consulting is not just a service but a transformative experience. We champion the modernization of apprenticeship, empowering you to cultivate internal consulting prowess. Our goal is to equip your team with the skills and knowledge to innovate from within, making Deanalytics a catalyst for enduring progress and self-sufficiency in your data journey.


Values at the core, value in the score

Integrity + Accessibility = Community

These foundational pillars guide us as we dismantle barriers and cultivate an inclusive, solution-oriented environment. Our commitment to transparency nurtures a culture where curiosity sparks discovery, transforming challenges into triumphs. At Deanalytics, we transcend mere data navigation to forge a realm where complexity yields to clarity, empowerment is derived from data, and every individual contributes to a collective voyage of innovation and insight.

Our commitment goes beyond answers; we equip clients with tools for informed decision-making, empowering them to confidently navigate their unique challenges.

Aaron Dean, MBA

Founder of Deanalytics

As a fully-accredited Domo Partner, Aaron holds the platform’s top certifications: the Professional Services Certificate, the Technical Services Certificate, and the Major Domo Certificate, which places him at the top echelon of Domo experts globally.

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