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Where data meets employee ownership.

Your data, curated. Your users, delighted.

Data shouldn’t be scary. Transform the task of data management into an engaging game of strategy and discovery.

At Deanalytics, embrace a new perspective where every data point is a move towards victory, and every employee is a key player in this game of growth and empowerment.

Ready to play a different game with your data?

About Deanalytics

Deanalytics is deeply rooted in the ecosystem of employee ownership, serving not just the companies themselves but also the intricate network of their service providers, from financial advisors to legal experts. We are dedicated to partners who are prepared to rethink their approach to data, committed to doing the meaningful work, and eager to move beyond quick fixes to foster genuine, sustainable growth.

Our ideal collaborators are those who recognize the value of comprehensive data strategy—organizations ready to roll up their sleeves, dive into their data, and uncover the insights that drive forward-thinking decisions. We find a special synergy with TEAL organizations and others embracing alternative management styles, where employee empowerment and holistic approaches to business are paramount.

At Deanalytics, we don’t just provide data solutions; we foster partnerships with organizations poised for a transformative journey, ready to embrace the full potential of their data to propel their mission and values forward.

We are Domo Experts

Want to get the most out of Domo?
Interested in exploring it as a potential option for your business?

Our services will help you get what you need.

Domo Platform Services

Readiness Assessment

Not sure if Domo is the right tool for you? Let's deep dive.

ETL Review & Creation

Craft efficient, transparent, well-documented vehicles for transforming your data.


Bring your data to life with meaningful,
narrative-rich visuals.

Governance and Cleanup

Spring clean your Domo instance and optimize your data governance.


At Deanalytics, we offer a suite of services designed to empower your data journey, each tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Discover how our specialized services can transform your approach to data and drive meaningful change.



The Deanalytics Difference


We help organizations to think critically, fusing strategy and tactics.


We enable talented organizations to implement effective data strategies.


Our tools aren't just built; they’re adopted and leveraged effectively.

We are more than data consultants;

We are your strategic partners in transforming how you use data

We prioritize the needs of the people doing the work, engaging in collaborative partnerships to drive value from the ground up.

"Our focus is not just on what we deliver, but how we deliver it—
always with a human touch."

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